Spotted: La Cornue CornuFé range in House Beautiful Magazine


The February edition of House Beautiful Magazine features a piece titled Pretty Spectacular, featuring a Brooklyn townhouse decorated by interior designer Miles Redd.

We were already liking Redd’s style and approach, particularly how he pulled inspiration for the décor from the clothes in his client’s closet, and from sitting down and going through tear sheets with her to determine—and then focus on—what she loved. In this case, he blended her love of romantic, pretty, objects in the vein of the late French antiques dealer Madeleine Castaing with his own flair for the spectacular.

Though Redd was only brought in for the finishing touches, we couldn’t help but also approve of the client’s prior choices in the kitchen. In keeping with her love of authentic, French design, we noticed that she chose the La Cornue CornuFé 110 range–the original CornuFé and an example of the finest culinary architecture. It’s the same style we chose for the kitchen design of an ethereal, high-end Portland home near Payson Park which was reimagined and converted from its former use as a church.

Maine Coast Kitchen Design is Maine’s only La Cornue distributor, and we love introducing the brand to clients. Combining commercial-grade specs with refined, artistic design that’s distinctly residential, we adore how La Cornue pieces so effortlessly play the role of crown jewel in a home. To borrow the phrase, it is pretty spectacular.